How to set the rules to create different subtasks depending on a certain field?

Hello, hello!

I want to create a rule to create different subtask, but the subtasks need to be different, it depends on the market field.

So, if the task is added to a project, and the market field is DE, create a subtask that it’s going to be added to another project. If the market is FR…the same.

The problem is, when I select several options, the rule gets crazy and create the subtask several times. Does someone have a solution?

What’s your trigger? It shouldn’t “get crazy” :sweat_smile:

Also make sure your rule only applies to tasks and not subtasks as well, might be a reason.

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Welcome, @Virginia_Gutierrez_D,

If you’re still having trouble, please post screenshot(s) of your rule(s), masking any data as needed.



Hi @Virginia_Gutierrez_D , welcome to the forum :wave:

If your market field is a multi-select field, it will create multiple subtasks. This is due to the limited options for the conditions for multi-select fields.

If tasks are added to the project using a form, this will only work if you have one rule for each condition, without any branching within a rule.

Otherwise, if you use a single-select for your market field, things will be much simpler using one rule with numerous branching conditions.