Creating a rule in My Tasks related to Projects

I’m trying to create a rule in My Tasks that if a task or subtask is assigned to me in a specific project, it goes into a Section (created by me) in My Tasks. I’m hitting a wall in getting the rule to run, any suggestions on how do I go about doing this?

The issue is not being able to use the ‘Project’ column in a rule, a workaround is to create a custom column with grouping. However, this method still requires manual attention. Here are the steps to create a custom column and group tasks:

  1. Create a custom column and list your sections. Hide this column if you want.
  2. Group by this custom column you created.
  3. Filter by ‘Incomplete tasks’ and sort by ‘Date’.
  4. When a task arrives in your list, it will automatically be inserted into a section called ‘No value’ at the bottom.
  5. Select which section the task needs to be in, and it will move into the correct section.

By following these steps, you can effectively group and manage your tasks.

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Welcome, @Nathan_Blankenship,

The only way to do exactly what you’re asking would be to add a rule to every project (not My Tasks) where you might get tasks assigned. That may not be workable. Even if you went to that trouble, it’s convoluted because you’d need a single-select custom field corresponding to each My Tasks sections and set that. Then one rule in My Tasks to map those to sections. Phew.

Had you already ruled out Grouping By Project in My Tasks? No rules required. Or even switching to that grouping approach when needed, then back again to Sections?

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Thanks Larry! Yes, please move this thread out of the private category for the group.

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