Rule - Create subtask in one section

I am looking to create a rule that is able to create sub tasks within a project under one section.

Currently when I add a task to any section in the project the rule applies.

Is it possible to create a different set of sub-tasks within a project for each section?

Hi @Joe_Campeau and welcome to the forum,

Sure! Just add a Condition to your rule like this, to check if the task is in a certain section:

Adding a condition moves the task created in another section to the section that I want the condition applied to.

I still want to be able to create tasks in other sections but not have this rule apply

This change works at the first level.

I’m afraid I’m not following your last two posts. If you could post a screenshot of the rule you’ve built that’s not doing what you want, and explain what it’s doing different than what you want, that would be helpful in clarifying.

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