Need "Contains only" option for multi-select fields in Rules

When adding a multi-select field as a trigger in Rules, the only options for selections are “contains any” or “contains all”. Please consider adding “contains only” so we can create multiple rules based on exact selections.


Hello @Christina_Davies, happy to help here.

I just want to understand your question. Doesn’t “contains any” work the same as if it would be to “contains only”. This way you can select one of the values you have in that field.

For example:

What I’m saying is that if field “Test field” is changed and contains just the value “Option 1” will trigger the following actions: Add subtasks and add a comment “Hello”.

Does this makes sense? Please let me know if I didn’t get your question correctly.



Hi @chilosada,

Thank you for your reply! Perhaps a scenario would help:

I need a series of rules which would add subtasks based on the selections in the multi-select field. I’ll use the Test Field example you gave.

Rule 1: a user selects only Option 1; subtask A and B are added

Rule 2: a user selects Option 1, Option 2 and Option 3; subtasks C, D, E, F and G are added

If I use “contains any,” and a user selects Options 1, 2, and 3, that will trigger Rule 2. However, Rule 1 will also run every time, so I would get subtasks A-G added when it should only be C-G. If Rule 1 was set to “Contains only”, it would not run when Options 2 and 3 were also selected.


Hello @Christina_Davies thanks for your clarification.

I just did a test and I now understand what you were saying.

Hopefully @Emily_Roman can help us sharing this idea with the product team.

Please let me know if there is anything I can do for you.


I have not built a rule with such scenario but I understand how that would come in very handy. I added my vote +1


Thanks all, I’ve just filed a task to share the idea with our team, hopefully this is something we can consider in the future!

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