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Hi @Matt_Crandall,

Flowsana doesn’t currently have any calculation capability like that, sorry.

Hi @Phil_Seeman Any plans to add ‘add collaborator’ as a resulting action for rules? Hoping to do something along the lines of:

When person A is assigned approval, add person B as collaborator
When custom field/tag is assigned, add specific collaborator


It’s on our possible-features list. I’ll note your (and @Fiona_Campbell’s) interest!


Flowsana Updates!

  • New Feedback Portal and Product Roadmap
  • Billing Email Notification Updates
    • An organization’s subscribing user will now get an email when a new user joins their subscription
    • Optional “Billable User Change Notification” emails can now be set up

New Feedback Portal and Product Roadmap

We are excited to announce that we have a new feedback portal. You can submit ideas for new enhancements/updates, and vote on your favorite ones. The portal also includes a product roadmap to keep you up to date on enhancement updates. Your feedback is important to us, and we will be using your input and ideas to guide future product development!

As an existing Flowsana user, simply log in to your account on the Flowsana web portal and click the Feedback tab in the main menu.

If you do not have a Flowsana login yet, you can still access the platform here, but your access will be limited.

Please note that we are still in the process of building out the product roadmap, and will be using the user feedback we get from the new portal to help guide us.

Submit your enhancement ideas and vote on your favorites!

Billing Email Notification Updates

An organization’s subscribing user will now get an email when a new user joins their subscription

All Flowsana accounts whose login email is from the same email domain are automatically linked together for centralized billing purposes, so that you only need one person (i.e. account) to enter credit card information and start a Flowsana subscription. All other linked users automatically work off of that subscription.

In the past, you could find all linked accounts at the bottom of your Flowsana web portal’s My Account tab. Now, in addition to that, the subscribing user will also get an email notification when a new Flowsana user auto-links and joins their subscription. The email will specify the new user’s email, and you can always ask us to remove them from your organization if it’s not appropriate for you to pay for them.

Optional “Billable User Change Notification” emails can now be set up

We’ve heard from many of you that you’d like to be notified if your Billable User count increases. This is now possible!

In your Flowsana web portal’s My Account tab, scroll down to Billable User Change Notifications and check the box to send notifications when Billable Users increase by your chosen amount. It defaults to a 15% increase. If you want an email notification upon any increase, type 0%. You can also specify the email address where you want Flowsana to send the notification.

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Flowsana Update: Support for Multi-select, People, Date custom fields

I’m happy to announce that Flowsana’s rules now support triggers and actions involving multi-select, people, and date custom field types.

Multi-select and People fields

For trigger conditions, this means you can trigger a rule based on the values in a Multi-select or People field; for example:

Note that unlike Asana’s rule trigger, in Flowsana you have the option to run a rule based on ONLY a certain set of values being set:

For rule actions, you can have a rule set a Multi-value or People field to a certain set of options or add options to any existing ones. Note that unlike Asana’s rule action, you can also REMOVE certain options:

Date fields

With Flowsana, you can now trigger rules based on date custom fields, and you can set a date field - even relative to any other date field!

For triggers, you can run a rule based on a relative date of any date-type custom field. This works the same as triggers on the built-in start date and due date fields. For example:

Note that just like for start and due date, Flowsana will trigger a date-based rule both immediately if a custom date changes, and also at midnight each day if appropriate.

For date actions, we’ve actually created a whole new rule action called Set a date field to…

This action lets you set the date of an Asana date field - either its due date or any custom date - relative to any other date field! Here are a few examples:


(Note: the features mentioned here are currently available only when building rules in the Flowsana web portal, because the Asana rule builder doesn’t provide support for external apps to utilize multi-select and people fields. We are hoping this will change in the future!)


Bravo! Great, thorough implementation!!


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Woot Woot! Awesome news!

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Nice one @Phil_Seeman! :clap:

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Love flowsana. Still digging in but impressed so far

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Flowsana Update: Skip weekends; Use assignee and due date from parent in subtask rules

I’m here with another Flowsana update to announce…

Skip Weekends

In the “Set a date field” rule action, which was recently introduced, we’ve added a “Skip Weekends” option:

This option insures that whatever date is calculated and set, it will never fall on a Saturday or Sunday. If Flowsana sees that a date it’s about to set would fall on one of those days, it will move it to the following Monday (or if it’s going backwards via a “days before” action, to the previous Friday).

Check if subtask assignee matches the parent's assignee

In the “If task is assigned to…” rule trigger condition, we’ve added the option to check the parent’s assignee:


This means you can take an action on a subtask only if it has the same assignee as its parent.

Assign subtask to the parent's assignee

In the rule action for “Assign task to…”, you can now automate setting a subtask to its parent’s assignee:


Set a subtask date based on its parent's due date

When using our rule action to set a date, you can now use the parent’s due date as the starting point:

These enhancements are currently available when creating rules in the Flowsana web portal, and within the next few weeks they should also be available within the Asana rule builder when creating custom rules.


Nice !!!

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Flowsana rule updates: Add a comment; Know about holidays/vacations/time off

We’ve just released two enhancements to Flowsana’s rules capabilities…

"Add a comment" rule action

You can now add a comment to the task that triggers the rule, and of course you specify the text of that comment.

Also, if you use Flowsana’s Variable Substitution feature and include {task.Assignee} or {project.Name} in the comment text, Flowsana will convert that to an @mention.

"If the task falls during a holiday or time off... " rule trigger condition

That’s right, you can now specify holidays and time off for your users, and create Flowsana rules that respond to a task being assigned to someone when they will be away from work.

For this rule condition, you just create a calendar project which identifies peoples’ time off, and the rule uses this information. See this Flowsana help article for full details on how this rule trigger condition works.

You can use this trigger condition along with the new rule action to add a task comment which alerts the assignee of a conflict with their time off, or to send them an email notification, for example.


I can’t wait to test the updates. I was waiting for the comment rule. Thank you for your great work.

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FYI, we just made an update to the Flowsana rule trigger condition for our rule

If the task falls during a holiday or time off…

You can now use the Assignee field to identify who a time-off entry applies to, instead of using a people-type custom field. Just omit any people-type custom fields from the “time-off calendar” project; if Flowsana does not find any people custom fields in that project, it will automatically use the Assignee field instead.

See this Flowsana help article for full details on how this rule trigger condition works.

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Hey @Phil_Seeman - new Flowsana user here :slight_smile:

I have 2 custom date fields (“start date” and “est. completion”). Additionally I have a custom number field (“estimate in days”).

Would it be possible for me to create a rule where the “est. completion” date is automatically calculated by adding the “start date” and the “estimate in days”?

Hi @Diego_Solorzano,

Flowsana doesn’t currently do formulas so that’s not available. (Are you on an Asana Business or Enterprise subscription? If so, you can do it using the new Advanced Formulas feature in Asana.)

Thanks @Phil_Seeman ! I see it! thank you so much :slight_smile:

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Hi Phil,
I have same issue as Polo_josh re blank subtasks and would appreciate any guidance

Hi @Sarah_Calnan,

Actually what I asked Josh was to send the question to support@flowsana.net so we can fully answer it there; if you can do that as well, that would be great as we can be sure to address the specifics of your scenario. Thanks!