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I’m loving the new Date field in Asana, I was wondering if we would see any rule additions for these? I have tried using Flowsana to no effect. So my question is are we going to be able to use these to have a rule that fill the custom date with today’s date when I change a section? Also will we be able to filter on these or use them in reporting?

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Date fields are quite new, and there is usually a fast follow to release related features like Rules. ping @Phil_Seeman regarding Flowsana.

Agree with what @Bastien_Siebman said here.

Interested to see what types of rules you are looking for. Personally I would love the following:

Trigger: Task marked Complete
Action: Custom due date automatically changes to the day it was completed


For what it’s worth, Asana added additional default fields last month that give you things like completed date, created date, created by, and completed by I think. They’re hidden by default but can be turned on via the project customize menu.

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Very true. I do like those, but having all of them enabled clutters up the page which is why I think a rule would be super helpful.

Thanks for the response!

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Flowsana support for date custom fields (along with multi-select and people fields) is in the works!

UPDATE: It’s now here!


Working in publicity, each task might have different dates attached. I would like to set a rule, similar to Due Date Approaching for other custom date fields, such as “Custom Date Field” Approaching. It we are being given the opportunity to create several date-related custom fields, maybe a Date Approaching trigger with drop down of any standard/custom date fields that we have created for that project?



It would be wonderful if we could have rules that were “triggered” by dates within the new custom date field.

Additionally, having email notifications to the task owner, collaborates, and specified emails from another custom field woudl be awesome!

We use Asana to track certifications and credentials and these features would be very very useful.



Hello @Joe6
I have merged your post into an existing feedback request thread. Don‘t forget to upvote :slight_smile:

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Being able to set rule for date custom fields is absolutely key for us. We have teams with different review cycles that happen asynchronously and simultaneously with tasks linked across multiple projects, but who still need to be aware of each others dates. The one due date doesn’t work for us.


Custom Field Date doesn’t flow to either Power Bi or Tableau. I found this out the hard way converting all my custom fields that had text strings of dates to a date field for better chronologic sorting in that column in Asana only to find out they now don’t flow to PowerBI/Tableau tables, breaking all my dashboards. Please add back! Thanks!

upvoting this absolutely necessary functionality - what’s the point of a date field if you can’t use it with time-based rule triggers, filters, reports…? It’s just a nicely-formatted text field right now.


This is the way Asana releases features: early core, and then fast follows to implement it everywhere (forms, rules, reporting)


Which is terrible honestly. Speaking to the choir, but I’d rather they don’t rush and release things like this until it behaves with the entire (or at least most of) Asana ecosystem as users won’t realize this and then spend inordinate amt of work to swap data out.

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I disagree and I’d rather have the core feature early rather than wait for the whole thing.


I agree that having this functionality would be incredibly useful. In our example, we’re using Asana to track our large contractor work force and I’d like to create a rule that trigger when a contractor end date is a month from the current date.

Of course, I could use “due date” but we’re using this to track the target date to complete their on-boarding.

+1 on rules being used with custom date fields.

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Is Flowsana capable of doing this rule?

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Calling @Phil_Seeman to the rescue!

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Having more functionality in the Set Due Date action would be fantastic. In my example, I perform a certain process the first Wednesday of each month. I would love to be able to have the rule set the due date for form submitted tasks based on a pattern – i.e. first Wednesday of the next month. Right now, I just have the rule set the due date 30 days in advance (since that is the only action available on dates) and then I have to manually adjust the date for the task.