Date custom field auto set to due date

Is there a way to make a custom field date automatically the same as the task due date? I’m using a project to track incoming payments (Gravity Forms via Zapier) for jobs we produce and the date they came in.

For this project I’ve just been remembering that due date actually means date payment was submitted but I’d like to make a custom field with a more appropriate name so others on the team know what it means. The date can, and should, be the same as due date so I was hoping for an automated way to do that.

Hey @Claudia_González,

date fields aren‘t supported in rules. Here is a feedback request thread around this topic for you to upvote if interested

Now another option could be having a rule add a subtask automatically and assign a relative due date (will be something like 2 days after task is created though for example.
More info here.

Is the payment submission date the same as task creation date in your case? Because then it can work.

Thanks for the feedback. I’m using a rule that sets the due date to the current date. I might not be understanding the second option you gave with the sub task but it seems that would do the same thing.

I’ll upvote that suggestion, it’s really cool that a date can be a custom field but it’s usefulness seems limited without being able to add rules.

Thanks for your help!

Hi Cliff,

FYI we just added support for date custom fields in our Flowsana rules. They can definitely do exactly what you’re asking for here.