Automating custom fields across a project

Hi there, hoping someone can help me with an automation question.

We’re a construction company and use Asana to help us keep our jobs in order. I create a project for each job and then have multiple other projects that link to specific tasks to see a unified project for those tasks (e.g. the task for the closing date on each project links to a project organizing all closings).

My question is this: is there a way using a custom field on the job project to automatically enter the due date from another task. Using the above example, could I set something up so that the due date from the task “sign contract” fills in that date on the custom field on the rest of the project so that when I look in a linked project - in this case Closings, I can see the date that the client signed their contracts?

I hope that makes sense. I know I can enter the information manually but I’m looking for a way to automate it. Thanks for any advice.


At the moment there is nothing that would natively put a due date into a custom field. You would have to look at automation tools, or custom code. I can help with custom code, maybe @Phil_Seeman can help with Flowsana…

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Alas Flowsana won’t help here - it can populate data from a parent task to a subtask, but not from one task to another unrelated task which is needed here. I think you’d need some custom code written to solve this one.

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I kinda thought that was going to be the answer. Thanks for the help guys. Also, @Phil_Seeman, we use Flowsana and love how it helps us manage our jobs. Appreciate all your work on it.


Yes not having custom fields replicate across projects is a bummer. :frowning: