Link task due date with project due date

I use the portfolio list view to check if there are any delays in the projects. I have a column with project due date and another one with “desired due date”.

The problem I face is that when I reschedule any task due date that affects to the project due date I have to remember to change the project due date manually.

I am wondering if there is any option/rule to link the project due date with the due date of the last task of the project.


Oh I would love this feature!
Have moved your suggeston into the product feedback so people can vite for it and make it a feature.
Make sure you vote yourself @Manel_RodríguezC

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I saw somewhere you can link the task date to the project dateline. Project Dateline Being D and we can have a D-1 or 2 etc.

May i know if this has been made available?


That can be done in the template. My request was the other way arround, update the project due date automatically when delaying the tasks due dates.