Rules > Action > Create Subtasks does not allow you to set a subtasks project

I have setup a rule that creates 5 subtasks when the parent subtask has a new due date set.

This works really well… EXCEPT I want to put the subtasks onto another project (tab + p), but I can’t hit tab+p in the rule editor.

Is this just the mac app? Does this work anywhere else. This would save me a ton of time instead of having to manually drill into every subtask and assign the correct project.

Hello @Idle_Idle,
currently rules cannot be set up for subtasks yet. Meaning you cannot set up a rule to add a subtask to a project yet.

I recommend upvoting here Allow Rules for Subtasks

A workaround could be to use Flowsana for this.

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I don’t really think this is a rule for subtasks. Its just that theres one property not exposed in the sub task creation.

For example, I can create 5 subtasks to be created with myself as the assignee, and I can assign a label TOO! But the “Projects” field is not available, so I can’t set it. All other fields are available though.

You can also see here that I CAN indeed edit subtasks created by a rule. But again, the only thing not exposed is “Project” and tab + p doesn’t work to show it.

Yes sorry I should have provided a clearer response.

You can set up rules to create subtasks and assign them but you cannot currently add subtasks to projects as well because that seems to be way more complex to set up from a technical/programming perspective.

Bastien has shared a great comment here Allow Rules for Subtasks - #36 by Bastien_Siebman and going through the post I shared above you will be able to read up more info.

But this is a well requested feature so I am sure Asana is definitely considering to implement it in the future :slight_smile:

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Interesting. I see your point, but I would still argue that I don’t actually need the “Allow rules for subtasks” feature.

I see my “complaint” more of a bug.

I can already add a rule to add subtasks automatically. These subtasks can have a date added automatically, they can have my custom labels applied automatically, they can have an assignee automatically, BUT they don’t expose the “projects” field.

Even if the feature for “allow rules for subtasks” was added it wouldn’t actually help me, because I don’t want to apply the project to all subtasks created, I only want to apply a project to the subtasks that were automatically created via the regular task rule.

The eternal debate of bug versus feature :grimacing: thanks for sharing your experience!

Hi @Idle_Idle,

It’s not just the Mac app; the browser doesn’t support Tab-P here, either.

FYI Flowsana’s “Add subtasks” rule action does allow you to specify additional projects on your subtasks (along with some other enhancements on Asana’s “Add subtasks”).

@Phil_Seeman thank you for confirming that tab + p doesn’t work on your end either.

I guess I gotta checkout Flowsana!

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