Rule: when a task is added to a certain project a list of sub-tasks automatically populate

I have to start off by saying my organization LOVES the update to subtasks that make them visible in a dropdown view from the main task. I was curious if there is an option/plan down the line within rules to have an automation option that when a task is added to a project with a specific custom field selected a predefined list of subtasks automatically could populate attached to the main task?

Background: I am trying to work closely with our director of CRO to come up with a more fluid workflow process for her team that does not require them to be working out of multiple projects. While for certain areas like Landing Page creation, for example, we have a great template set up of the foundational tasks needed to create a landing page experience, the team does not love having to create a new project for each landing page experience request. I think the automation of a list of subtasks that populate based on certain custom field selection on the main task would help improve that team’s overall efficiency and productivity immensely.

Ex: Trigger: Task is added to a CRO request project +Custom field of [request type] selection is “New Landing Page Experience”…Action: subtasks X, Y, Z are automatically added to that task.

That’s a great idea and would be a really productivity & accuracy boost in many situations. In fact, IMO it’s a rare team that could not define many such use cases.

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Hi @amanda5 and thank you so much for sharing this feedback with us and for taking the time to provide us with some feedback, this is super useful to inform future iterations on our end! While this is currently not possible in Asana, it might be something you can achieve with third-party tools. I’m looping in @Phil_Seeman who developed Flowsana, which might be able to help you here! We also have another similar #productfeedback feedback thread in the Forum which I would also encourage you to upvote; Allow Rules for Subtasks. On my end, I’ll make sure to close the loop here once we implement a solution that allows you to auto-populate a list of subtasks when a task is added to a project!

Hope this helps!


Thanks for the mention, @Marie!

Yes indeed, @amanda5, you can accomplish exactly this right now with the Add subtasks from a template rule action in my Flowsana integration.

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Thank you @Phil_Seeman, signed up for the free trial and loving it so far. This integration is adding the perfect automation and workflow to what I was envisioning for our specific use cases.

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We also really love the recent improvements with the subtasks. However, I am noticing that when someone is tagged in a subtask, it does not add that item to their “My Task” list on the dashboard. Is there a reason, or is this a glitch on my end?


@Maggie_Wakefield, If you assign a subtask to someone, it will appear in their My Tasks. Is there any chance the person has their My Tasks filtered or sorted in some manner so it doesn’t appear? Try Sort is None and Incomplete filter (assuming the subtask is incomplete).

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As if the problem were not bad enough, I decided OK, we’ll make it policy that when you get a subtask assigned to you, you must assign it to a project. We then discovered if someone assigns it to a project, the subtask then gets DUPLICATED and is listed as its own task as well as a subtask, making a mess. How can this be?