Rule runs before custom fields are filled

I have a project where I created a number of task templates.

When I add a task to a section a rule runs that sends an e-mail with information that is in the custom fields from that task (template). I use Flowsana to send the mail.

The rule also adds a comment to the task. The comment uses the same custom fields.

It displays “no value” where the custom field info should be.

This means to mean that the rule actions run “faster” than the custom fields are filled.

Any thoughts? Solutions?

@Herve_Buisset, maybe you need to stagger these actions into two rules, the first one fills all the custom fields, and the second one, which would only be triggered on some result of that first rule, would send the message.

Or at least do a quick test to see if that resolves the issue?



Thanks @lpb

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