Custom Field Not Appearing When Creating Rules

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I am trying to run a rule based on a custom field I have in one of my projects. The field is “Requested Due Date”. Ideally, once a task is updated to have a certain status update with the “requested due date” filled in, it moves to one of my sections called ‘requested’. From there, the “due date” that is filled in, is set for, let’s say, 10 days from the time it was requested. When going to my rules, my custom field of “Requested Due Date” is not there. I’d like to run a rule that says when a task is in the ‘requested’ section, and the ‘requested due date’ is approaching, to add a comment to remind me to check on it a day before the due date is set. In the actions / triggers within the rules, Due Date is there, but that is not even a category / column in my project.


Only select-type custom fields can be used as triggers, or the real Due date, so you’ll have to write your rule given those constraints. Unless Flowsana (@Phil_Seeman) can help. Remember you can write rules with multiple triggers by clicking the “+” sign.


Re. Flowsana: we’re working on adding support for the new date and people custom field types; it’s not there yet.

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