Two Condition Rules? - Approaching date AND if custom field is selected THEN Change other custom field.


Use case: CRM functionality…

If a task is marked that we reached out to a contact and we are in Custom field “WAITING”


The due day is: TODAY


Change the same Custom Field to: “FOLLOWUP”

This way we know its time to follow up and that we arent in perpetual waiting status and then the task expires.

I set a rule for this with ALL condition and its not working I don’t think because I think its saying that it needs the Custom Field to be changed to waiting on the day that it’s due “TODAY” for it to work???

If there a workaround here?

Thank You!

Due Today triggers at midnight. When you come in the next day, anything Due Today with the CF will then trigger the rule.


@Motor This setup should work with multiple triggers, but as @Getz_Pro mentioned the time trigger is set at midnight of the person that created the rule.
If needed you can go even more granularly and use “custom” that will give you options of time and this triggers when the time is approaching.


Thanks, we checked after midnight and it eventually ran at 12:28am. Thanks… We will use hours before instead of day of.


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