Rule not running

I am trying to set up a standup roll call project based on the awesome idea outlined in this article but the rule I’ve set up to multi-home the upcoming tasks for the week is not running.

I’ve set up a rule on my main projects to multi-home any tasks with a due date approaching in 7 days + assigned to a specific person to another project under the section titled for that assignee. That way I can simply look at this project and see the upcoming tasks for each one of my reports in one place.

However, I can’t get the rule to run! Anyone know why this might be happening?

Hi @Katie_Andrews1,

Asana date-based rules only run once per day, at approx. midnight your local time. Have you waited overnight to see if the rule runs then?

Ahh that makes sense as to why it wasn’t showing up - I will check back again tomorrow to see if any tasks that I just added with nearer due dates are added.


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