My rules are not running

Hey everyone, I just love the idea of creating rules.
But I don’t know why mine are not running properly.
I use then on ‘My tasks’.
I divide the sections in: inbox, today, this week and next week, and create the rules takind the due date on consideration

I made a research and discover that the tasks are reorganized at 00:00, right? But even so, they rules are not working. When I click, it says ’ active, has but never run’

What am I doing wrong?



The rules are evaluated at midnight indeed. But if you have a rule on “Due today” it will only move things that become due today. Something already late won’t move. Does that help?

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Unfortunately I already know this part.
My problem is that all the tasks of the week, when I set the due date, they don’t go to the respective section :pensive:

You mean “right away”? Or you mean even at midnight it does not?

Even after midnight, the rule are not running at all

And those tasks did not match any of the rules but they do after midnight? Do you want to share screenshots of your rules?

Bastien, hi!
I was in such a hurry to resolve it that I came up with a solution. I moved to projects and left only one rule, the one that worked, enabled. So, as I already have to look at my projects on a daily basis, I also look at the tasks and put end dates as a suggestion.

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