Rules in My tasks

I have applied three rules to My Tasks, but they do not update. How do I work this out?


Talking about rules that says “when due date is approacing - move to a certain section”

Hi @Marte_Christine_Bakk based on the Product Update comms regrading these rules I believe they only run Once Per Day at midnight similar to the existing auto promotion.

So if you have only created them today you will need to wait till overnight.

Hope that helps…



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That was my thought last night as well, so I added them last night and hoped to wake up with that sorted. However no change today :confused: Rule for ocmpleted tasks on the other hand works well. So cant seem to figure out what I am missing out on here.

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Ah… Okay sorry not much help @Marte_Christine_Bakk I don’t have the new MyTask view as yet so can’t explore…

I am sure one of the other community members who has the update will provide some suggestions…



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Thanks for you resonse anyways Jason :slight_smile:

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Hi @Marte_Christine_Bakk, thanks for reaching out :slight_smile: and thanks for jumping in here @Jason_Woods!

Jason is correct here, the Rules should run at midnight on the day of!

@Marte_Christine_Bakk, could you please let me know what the Rules are? Providing some screenshots would help!

Looking forward to hearing back from you!

rules asana

The rule “task marked complete - move task to a certain section” works. But the three others do not work

Thanks for getting back to me, @Marte_Christine_Bakk. I can see from the screenshot that Rules 2 and 3 have ran recently meaning these are working okay :+1:t2: How many days have you entered for “Due date is approaching” for Rule 1 and what was the due date of the task that didn’t move? :slight_smile:

Yes it says they have run, however, they have not run correctly. See screenshot here with tasks who are all part of “Today” and should be due today. but their due date is not until friday and one is not until july.

Rule 1 (says have not run) is 1 week before and move to “upcoming”
rule 2 (says last run today at 00:38) due today and move to “today”
rule 3 (says last run today 00:32) due 15 weeks before move to “later”

However in all sections there are still mistakes and they are not moved to the correct section.

Another questions is that the “recently assigned” : As soon as they get a due date, should they not also populate then in “Today” “upcoming” “later” according to rule? Because in that sections there are lots of tasks but with a wide variety of due dates, from today till months out

Thanks for getting back to me, @Marte_Christine_Bakk. In this case, I recommend reaching out to our Support team as they have access to additional tools that we don’t have here on the Community team to be able to look into the Tasks in question.

You can reach out to them by following the steps below:

I hope this is resolved soon for you! :slight_smile:

So any tasks entered and marked with a due date of today will run at midnight tonight and show in my Today section, tomorrow. Meaning I don’t see it until the due date is already past?

Not quote @Michael_Harding it will run at Midnight every day so Midnight tonight it will run and promote all tasks due that day.

  • Today is Monday.
  • Tonight at midnight effectively Tuesday it will run and promote to Today all tasks due Tuesday
  • So by the time you login on Tuesday all your tasks will be in Today.

Unfortunately if you got the New Tasks view on Monday you won’t have got the auto promotion for the tasks that are due on Monday.

Hope that clarifies…


Exactly my point. Any tasks assigned to me by my team for today will be missed/skipped and show in my Today view…tomorrow. Too late.

@Michael_Harding how do you understand this functionality works today with My Task v1.0?

My understanding is the rules mimic the Auto Promotion. The difference/gap is with Shortcuts not being available and how Recurring Tasks work.


My basic point is my client need the newly assigned work to IMMEDIATELY by moved to Today. As a side note they also need them to be sent to Google Calendar IMMEDIATELY as well. NOT in several hours. Neither My Tasks v1.0 or 2.0 resolves these shortcomings from my understanding.

I’m losing 2 clients currently to ClickUp because of this issue.


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