Rule keeps breaking when using integrations

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Whenever I try to create a rule using an integration eg Google mail or Twilio, the rule breaks immediately. I have had success creating rules that work when its all asana platform but the problem seems to be the integration element.
I am on a trial version by the way, Im not sure of that is why.

Steps to reproduce:

Browser version: Firefox 110.0.1

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Im juggeling up between using Asana and other CRMs and I really wand to use Asana but if this problem isnt fixed I dont see how I can use it. Please admin, help me choose you


Hi @Katie_Browning,

I would advise contacting Asana support for this issue; they have more diagnostic tools available to them than the forum admins have. How to contact our Support Team ✉

cc: @Marie

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Thankyou for that! I will try them now :slight_smile:

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