Slack integration asks repeatedly for authentication

Hi, I set up a couple of rules to send Slack channel messages, but asana keeps asking me to authenticate repeatedly, and the rules break. I saw it had been an issue before: Slack integration in custom rules breaks daily
Could you help me here?

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I’m experiencing the same issue. I re-connected/authenticated Slack at 10:29 a.m. and the rule broke an hour later.

Sorry to hear about this trouble! I’m checking with our team if there’s any issue going on with the Slack integration and will get back to you shortly!

Hi everyone, thanks for your patience! Our team has confirmed that we had an issue with rules in Slack but a fix has since been deployed. According to our Developers, re-authenticating again should resolve the problem!

Let us know if the problem persists on your end.

I’ve reauthenticated many times today, and the rule consistently returns to broken.

Thanks for letting me know, @Tim_Rueb. I’m reaching out to our Developers again for further investigation and will keep you all posted!

Hi folks, because the fix rolled out didn’t solve the issue for everyone, our developers will need to look into this on a case-by-case basis. Please kindly reach out to our Support team and include the ID of the project where the rule is broken, as well as a screenshot of the broken rule. Our Support team will then be able to work with our Developers to fix the issue. Thank you!

@Vanessa_N - Thanks. I had a ticket open with support, also. They contacted me this morning to try again, and it is staying connected right now. Thanks for your help.

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