Repeating task with repeating dependencies

We have daily recurring tasks which also have recurring subtasks. So if the task is due every Tuesday, then subtask-1 is due the Friday before Tuesday and subtask-2 is due the Thursday before Tuesday.
It would be extremely helpful for the subtasks to recur basis relativity to the main task’s due date!
Any clue if this is something Asana team is going to be looking at?

Also looking for this exact feature of a reoccurring string of dependent tasks and the fact Asana can’t do this is why our growing company has gone a different direct for a tool.

Surprised in 2022 this isn’t functionality that is offered by Asana.

Same issue here, please build this feature @Asana.

We created a solution that works perfectly.

All you need is a team of programmers and a few months, lol.

We do not use the repeating feature in Asana and use a database & automations that repopulate the asana project. Basically recreating much of Asana itself. But the result is we can have dependencies, automatic date changes relative to the main task, and subtasks assigned to different people.

We have a couple hundred projects and we couldn’t keep up with manually reteeing up the tasks because of the dependency issue.

Anyways, pretty dumb not to have this feature - must be some sort of complexity issue with how they structured their database.

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For Peete’s sake please create a fix for this.

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This feature is absolutely a necessity. Can someone from Asana please advise if this is being created OR if I need to go find a different software to use?