Reoccuring task working but sub tasks won't disappear from past tasks?



Hi everyone,
I was wondering, my colleague and I are using a reocurring task as our WIP meeting agenda. It is set to reoccuring. Within each meeting we add subtasks for actions. Problem is all the subtasks get carried over each reoccurence even when we have ticked them complete! Is there something I can change for this to not occur or is there a better way to be using Asana for a WIP meeting?


@Laura_P, yeah that is annoying and frustrating problem with recurring tasks and associated subtasks.
Discussed at length here…
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Recurring task and subtasks due date link

For Meetings the best way is to create a specific project to handle each meeting.

Have a look at this guide link

I personally use meeting projects for all my regular meetings. And also a specific My meetings project for the Ad-hoc ones to record my notes. Happy to share the format/screen shots of that would help.



Here is another post in the forum worth having a look at…



Thanks for this info and directions! I’ll check those other discussions out - appreciate it!!