Recurring task and subtasks due date link



For my company we have been experimenting with Asana in multiple ways. One of the things we tried to do is to check the behaviour of subtasks under a recurring master task to see the influence on the due dates. Unfortunately it turns out the influence is exactly zero.

To clarify:
Master task: “MT” Due July third (recurring monthly)
- Subtask 1: Due July first
- Subtask 2: Due July second

The idea was that after recurring, the MT would prepare ST1 and ST2 and ‘carry’ the due dates along based on the due date of the MT.

So on the next recurrence, MT would have the due date August third, ST1 due August first, ST2 due August second. Unfortunately it turns out that the due date does not seem to travel along on subtasks. Only the Main Task’s due date changes.

Is there something we are missing? If not, are there any plans to add a coupling between MT’s and ST’s due dates in the manner described above? Because as it stands now it appears that recurring tasks and subtasks are incompatible when using due dates.


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