Repeating Projects

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We have Board meetings the 2nd Monday of each month. I have tasks - and tasks to assign - during the 2 weeks prior to each meeting and the day after each meeting. What is the best way to set this up automatically?

  1. Create an ongoing project? If so, how do I setup that workflow?
  2. Create a repeating monthly Parent task with subtasks? If so, are the subtasks repeating?

I need to do this with not only Board meetings but with other committee meetings as well.

Hey @Luke_Walrath1,

Currently it is not possible to set up a recurrent task based on a certain day of the month like in your case 2nd Monday of the month.

Here is an existing feedback request thread to upvote.

I’d say it really depends on how many tasks you will have in total and how your Asana Org/Projects are set up in general.

There are a lot of different ways to set this up and everybody has their own preference.

I recommend looking through some Asana guides and templates such as Free Meeting Agenda Template [2023] • Asana and also search this forum to see some examples.

Ideas can for example be found here, here, here

Could for example be a project template that you use or a task template that has subtasks.

You can also utilize rules to automate parts of the process.

Yes just be careful about this:

I hope that helps


@Andrea_Mayer Thanks. Definitely voted for that functionality.

I’m new(ish) to Asana and have only just now gotten into things like templates, etc.

Looks like a project template with due date rules might be the way to go. Last question:

Can I make a rule that automatically sets up the next project (based on the template) once the previous project is complete? For example: I need to get things ready for our March Board Meeting. Once that project is complete, can I automatically setup the next month’s project/tasks?

You would have to use tools such as Zapier pr Flowsana. Via Asana rules you can trigger the creation of new tasks or subtasks though.

Now once you have a project template ready it might be the fastest to just have a task created telling you to set up the new project. Creating that from the templates should take just a few seconds normally.

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