Recurring projects

Hi - I can’t seem to find a way to set up a project that recurs on a regular basis. We have a quite involved bi-weekly reporting process that I would like to set up as a project. Ideally I would like to set it to start second Monday of the month, and have it repeat two weeks later.

The project contains several tasks and each task contains several sub tasks that all have dependencies, due dates and start dates.

If I set the tasks to repeat say every two weeks, the new task that is created on completion of its predecessor loses its duration and its dependencies - the only thing that is carried forward is the due date and assignee.

Ideally what I would like is to be able to set the entire project to repeat every two weeks, with all its durations, assignees and dependencies intact.


Have the same problem. Isn’t Asana going to fix it?

Asana will not communicate on roadmap, even for fixes, we need to be patient, and watch the release note (even though they usually come back in the community to share progress).

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Want to see any replies that come in - have the same need.

Same here, I can’t believe there isn’t wide-spread need for this feature!!!