Recurring Projects update?


I remember a request being made (a couple of years ago maybe…) for the option to set Projects as RECURRING, but this still doesn’t seem to be an option… Does anyone perhaps know of a work-around to this problem, or perhaps an automation that would suffice?

Unfortunately, recurring tasks won’t work for my situation as I need to rely on the Toggle integration, which recognises Projects and not tasks



Are you saying the recurrence comes from Toggle? How often would you need a project to be created?

Your best chance is probably to look at tools like Zapier.

Hi @Chantelle_Crawford, thanks for reaching out! As it stands, it’s currently not possible to duplicate projects automatically. I’m afraid we don’t have immediate plans to implement this option in Asana. As a workaround, and depending on how often you need to duplicate the project, you could leverage our project templates feature. With project templates, you can start a new project quickly!

Alternatively, as Bastien mentioned, you can also use Zapier to duplicate projects automatically in Asana. Here is a link to a thread on this topic in the Zapier community forum: How to duplicate existing Asana projects | Zapier Community

I hope this helps!

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