Quick Tip: Don't home tasks to only your meeting project, generally

Conceptually, my clients and I find it helpful to think of meeting projects not as the home for a task, but as a transient multi-home location only.

Particularly for recurring meetings (weekly staff meetings, monthly board meetings, etc.), projects where each meeting occurrence is its own task are a great solution, and there are many ways to organize such projects. (I have one comprehensive solution that can be simplified easily that I offer my consulting clients.)

Regardless of the particular approach, the overriding concept that can be helpful to bear in mind is that tasks more permanently belong to another project, be it the event planning project, the team’s work stream project, a 1:1 project, etc. Temporarily, it’s a topic of interest in a meeting, perhaps across a few meeting occurrences, but it’s primary residence is elsewhere.

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I agree with @lpb I see a meeting as a place to get clarity on tasks and that means that a task (not all but I would say most) can travel through a meeting to get clarity or report on it. I sometimes create a single or multi-select custom field called “Next Action:” in that meeting project and then list all the common next actions. Then later I would set up rules to do these next actions if possible or create subtasks to clarify the next action. I also create a text custom field in the project called: “Decision” and then log the decision that is made on the meeting. If the task is then removed from the meeting that info is locked to the task for future reference.


Great practices there, @Paul_Grobler; thanks!