Your meeting project is actually a My Tasks "to discuss" for your team

The other day I had an epiphany. We were working on yet another version of our project used to manage meetings.
We have been playing around with different sections, different fields, and nothing felt right.

That’s when I realized something. We have the My Tasks view for “things to do”. Why not apply to a meeting project the knowledge and expertise we now have about the My Tasks view , but dealing with “things to discuss” instead.

The result is the following:

  • The project only contains things to discuss, as soon as it is assigned it leaves the project
  • The first section will receive any new topic that needs to be triaged into the other sections (the equivalent of Recently assigned section)
  • We have sections for priorities (Top priority, Important, Secondary)
  • We have actions as custom fields drop down to snooze a topic for a week, a month, or 3 months
  • Anything snoozed goes into a closed section “Later” and we have task auto-promotion

This system feels right! What do you think?


At first read of this, it looks spot-on to me!

I would think another bullet point, to cover the case where new things come up during the meeting, would be something like:

  • If a new topic arises during the meeting that didn’t exist previously, be sure to record it, either as an item to leave in the meeting project for future discussion, or immediately assign it and move it out to its appropriate project

Certainly, this is of value for some (including you!), but I offer a workflow for my clients that I came up with that offer two things that may not exist in your workflow:

  • is less automated; in many cases we don’t want assignment of a task to automatically remove the task from the meeting project
  • has a provision built-in for both agenda and minutes (minutes in note form that can quickly be captured during the meeting) that persist

I think different meetings warrant different workflows and both are of value.



On a related note, I just created:


Of course, in our case that’s for our daily meeting, specifically designed for the way our team operates.

Thanks for sharing!

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