Repeating Board Meeting Tasks

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We have Board meetings the 2nd Monday of each month. I have tasks - and tasks to assign - during the 2 weeks prior to each meeting and the day after each meeting. What is the best way to set this up automatically?

  1. Create an ongoing project? If so, how do I setup that workflow?
  2. Create a repeating monthly Parent task with subtasks? If so, are the subtasks repeating?

I need to do this with not only Board meetings but with other committee meetings as well.


@Luke_Walrath1 - thanks so much for your questions. Short answer is yes, I recommend setting up an ongoing project. We have some amazing templates that have built in automations and rules that support with your ideal workflow:

Screenshot 2023-03-09 at 1.04.49 PM

Here are the templates I’d recommend:

  • Stand Up Meeting Agenda Template
  • Board Meeting Agenda Template

Once you have your template in place, you can create repeating tasks .

Pro Tip: If you set a parent task to repeat, do not set any of its subtasks to repeat as well. Doing so will result in the recurring subtask duplicating exponentially.

Pro Tip: All fields (except task comments) are copied over when a recurring task copies itself, including subtasks.

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