recurring task with a task template + rules

We have a task we want to use Quarterly. It has 8 subtasks – 8 different systems need a quarterly audit, and they’ll be assigned to various people. All audits are supposed to be done by a certain date. When all subtasks are done, we want to complete the parent task and auto-create the next parent task for the next quarter.

I am not sure if I should use a recurring task or a task template. It doesn’t seem like a task template can be used this way – we’d have to create it each quarter. But I’m also struggling to get the recurring task to make sense, too. The main task and each subtask needs the same recurring dates.

What do you recommend is best? We do have to modify the task name each time to have the corrrect Quarter name in the task name… but if we use the task template, we also need a reminder task for someone to create it. Just seems like a lot to keep up with. I also can’t figure out how to create rules for a specific task, instead of the entire project.

Recommendations for this use case?

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I can’t seem to edit my original post – also wanted to ask about the date ranges. The recurring task seems hard to set up for Quarterly. I guess we can set it up for 10 weeks out – but it’s after the task is completed. If the manager doesn’t actually complete the task, it won’t kick off the new one at the right time. Is there any way to schedule tasks on a regular basis, no matter what? Ideally using a task template?

The only solution I know is the one I created myself through a tool.

I didn’t see this issue addressed in Feedback, so add a vote: Recurring task from task template