Customize recurring due dates (ex: 1st Fridays)

Our use case is that we have recurring tasks that need to be done to prep for meetings that happen on the 1st and 3rd Fridays. Happy to answer any questions.

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I have moved your thread to tips & tricks, as you are offering help with recurring tasks!


Hi Christine.
Whoops, I meant that I was happy to answer any CLARIFYING questions to solve this issue I’m having.


Got it! In that case, you could create a project for the meetings and create a section for all of the 3rd Friday tasks and create recurring tasks for these, select the circular arrow icon at the bottom of the due date selection, and adjust the settings (as shown below).


I would not create these as subtasks because recurring tasks do not function the same when they are a subtask. Also, completed subtasks with their due dates will always be carry into the newly created task.

Another way to accomplish this is to use automations to create a new parent task and add subtasks each time the task of “monthly meeting” is completed. This gets a little complicated because rules don’t recognize the 4-4-5, so every few months you will need to adjust the due dates.

@ambforumleader – any other/better solutions for this?