Rental Tracking - Custom field summery by day

Good day,

We have been using Asana for a few years and love it, but our needs have evolved.

I wonder if someone can help find a solution using asana for the following problem.

Let’s say we have a project calendar we would like to use as a rental calendar. Each task is a rental. Let’s call it RentalA, RentalB using custom fields, etc.

Can we use a calendar view or a dashboard to see how many rentals are used by the day?

Lets say Aug10 - John Rented 2x RentalA and 4x RentalB, Then Jane Rented 1x RenalA and 2x RentalB

We would like some way to show us the total used for that day, ex 3x RentalA and 6x RentalB.

What would be the best practice or way of doing this with asana, Thanks.

Hello @Thomas_Fraley,

date custom field has launched also now in case that is helpful.

I recommend using the advanced search filter as there you can filter with custom fields and also task completion date for example.

Uploading: Screenshot_1430.jpg…

You can then also save search results.

Another way to achieve this is by setting up graphs in the dashboard

I hope that helps :slight_smile:

Did a quick draft.

In Timeline/ Calendar view you can also see the tasks (they show based on due date). You can apply some colour in the colour depending on the colour used in the single-select custom field.

Thank you for that. It doesn’t really solve my problem.

Again I need to see the TOTALS on a per DAY basis of a specific custom field.
I’ve played with the specific features you suggested prior with no luck.

It’s almost there if the Y axis was the date. No need for Task count; I need the count of the custom fields totaled by the day

ie there can be six tasks in a day, and each task had a different number of rentals. I need to know the total per day

Any more thoughts on how I can do this?

I see, then I am thinking maybe this would work:

  • Either go by task completion date or add a custom field for the rental date.
  • Then set up rules in the project that move tasks to a specific section depending on if they rented “Rental A”, “Rental B”, etc

In list view it will then look like this:

Then go to list view and apply the filter per day to see how many rentals for which object you have. In list view you can display the sum.

And then you can filter to see task completion date or if you set the rental date via the date custom field, then this


If you want some sort of automated report then I am sure something could be coded to achieve this. In that case best to ping @Bastien_Siebman for example

And there are some other external tools that allow you to create more advanced reports such as Bridge24.


I think this may be the kind of report you’re looking for.

Note the sort (and not sorting within sections):

But I’m not sure how practical it is because it requires a single-select Rent Date custom field with a value for every rent date. Right now the maximum number of options allowed is 300.

This approach, if feasible for you, always shows the results in your project directly without the need for any rules, filters, etc.

Hope that helps,


@Andrea_Mayer @lpb

These options are getting there, The main problem I would see is if a rental is multiple days it wouldn’t be filtered in the right way.

@Bastien_Siebman , Good day
@Andrea_Mayer suggested you maybe able to home with our problem with some type of report to track our rentals

I don’t think this will work out the way it is.
We tasks having multiple and different items to rent and the ability for it to be multiple days.
I can’t see this realy working as I would of liked .

Please if I’m missing something let me know.

Is there a way I can make reports that can do this then and just run a report weekly I guess… Something is better than nothing.

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