Days between creation and completion

Is there a way I can get some stats on the time my team spends completing our tasks? I would like to see at least an average for each user on how many days past from task creation to completion so I can periodically follow up on their efficiency. Getting detailed info on how many days each one used by task would be ideal.

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You can use Harvest to track time, maybe that would answer your need?

My first thought was also time tracking. If you don’t want to use an add-on and you have a premium account you can use custom fields. I found @Kaitie’s post extremely helpful. I’d watch her video beginning at 25:00. Do you track your time? - #14 by Kaitie

My second thought was, if you can run an advanced search and save it you can set parameters such as: assigned to joe, created in the last 60 days, completed in the last 5 days. That would take a little evaluation on your part to determine the results but could be a workaround.

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I appreciate very much that info. First, I figure if you guys are talking workarounds and third party apps, asana has no way to do this. I was hoping that asana, which already has those two dates, could give me the subtraction. I’m sure efficiency is crucial for most teams; having a bar chart on the dashboard to follow this up would go a long way.

The video was very helpful; asking for my team for a bit more work with a new custom field, then exporting and building pivot reports, I will get the info I need.

Hi Luis! an other option you can use is manually, export csv and getting the difference between those dates in Excel or google sheet. I can help you with a video if you want.

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I’d love to see that video!

It’s a breeze to achieve this on I find it surprising that Asana hasn’t yet incorporated the crucial feature of tracking process bottlenecks, which is essential for optimizing the operations of any organization.

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Welcome, @Irit_Eizips,

This can be accomplished now with Formula fields (“Time to complete”), available in Asana Business and Enterprise:

You can then add a dashboard chart to show an average of these, or show that at the foot of sections in List view.

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