Tracking time from form submission to assignment

We need to track how long we are taking from form submission to assignment. For our program we are using a combination of tracking submission dates on a chart and manually entering this into an excel sheet. Not ideal as Asana has powerful in house automatic tracking for most things.

Many companies / programs would need this data as it’s a standard metric for program success. We need a standard category similar to how “numbers” works. This would be best as we need drop down options to select “first assignment” or “latest assignment”. Then the same number choices of “minimum”, “maximum”, or “average”. The ability to then use this in Charts on Dashboards would solve a multitude of metrics measurements needed for program success and increase the ability to use Asana for further reaching ticketing programs where this data is a MUST.

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Hello @Rose_Marie_Rugosa

Thanks for sharing this feedback. Are you aware that you can currently track time in asana and report on the actual time or estimated time for tasks? or have I misunderstood your request?

Check the help guide here:

yep, you’ve misunderstood. but in a very understandable way. You’re talking about the time something is worked (after assignment).

The time that needs tracking is from when the form (or request) is submitted to a board to the moment it’s assigned to someone. (How long a form/intake/request sits unassigned or “waits”).

This wait time is a huge data point for most ticketing/request/intake systems.

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