Is it possible to build a report to track how long a task is open for?

Hello I am building a dashboard for a department and they are requesting a reporting feature I am almost certain has to be manual but wanted to check here first.

They would like to know how long it takes for each task to close. Ideally, the start and due date are calculated then it would go into a chart as either individual or an average of how long each person takes. Is this possible?

Hi @Finishline ,

Have you experimented with the custom formula fields? You could subtract the start date from the completion date to get time open.


Have you tried this:



Would this be a manual equation or can Asana calculate this?

For some reason, I don’t have the “time to complete” option. I have “Time” and “Time entry”

That’s available in Advanced and above plans:

Ah i figured it out! I didnt realize the different chart options had different X and Y axis.

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