Need a custom field that automatically populates how many days late a task was marked complete

Maybe this already exists but if it does, I am not aware of how to extract the information.

What I’m proposing is basically a custom field that will automatically populate how many days (or, hours) a task went being overdue before it was marked complete. We need the ability to include/exclude weekends on the day counts on this also.

I also would like a way to be able use this new custom field on Dashboard.

So, in my case, I have a Receiving Department where we place Tasks for Material Orders to arrive. We have about 7 vendors we order materials from and we are always given an ETA. I have a Single-Select Custom Field where each vendor can be selected.

I’ve made my own Custom Field for the moment that does exactly this, it’s called “#Days Late, Material Order”, but my team needs to manually enter how many business days the item arrived late.

I can see the trend by doing searches for the Vendor’s custom field, and I can use the various Dashboard tools to map the out if desired.

I think we would benefit from having a way that Asana would automatically populate that “#Days Overdue” when an overdue task is marked complete.

If this already exists in some way I’ve overlooked, someone please share it with me.

Hi @Matt5 ,

What Asana plan are you using? If you’re a Business or Enterprise customer maybe you find some answers under these topics: Introducing Formula Custom Fields! and Formula custom field with Advanced Editor

I’m not completely sure if a Formula Custom Field can be set up to your requirements… but it’s possible! I am a Premium user so I cannot make any experiments.

Hope the links I sent will help!


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We’re on Business level. I am not familiar with the Formula Custom Fields so I’ll read up on it.

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I believe this could work with the new Formula field


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