DATE - Custom Field Type

I say a lot of similar things in this comment - Keyboard Shortcut to Move a task to a specific section - #9 by Zane_Bartlett

but again, I do just want to say I greatly appreciate whenever I see updates before the feature is released, like this, when possible.

I understand there is a fine line to balance so that customers are not made more upset planning around mentions like this and something happens to the ETA of the feature. I do tend to think Asana is a bit too conservative with what they share about future updates though, but I see communication like this as an attempt and somewhat of an acknowledgement of the frustration seen on these feature requests forums.

Please don’t let people who say this isn’t enough, or still upset by these announcements be proof that they aren’t worth doing! I don’t think y’all should stop here, but I understand being careful in shifting the culture of transparency in development. Again, Thank you for the update!

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Two use cases I’ve run into during my onboarding/implementation:

  1. Baseline Dates: I’d like to track the original target dates for completion
  2. Actual Completion Dates: I’d like to track the above Baseline against the Actual

It seems odd that we need to use workarounds for these “basic” features needed to track performance and ensure accountability.


I’ve been pulling my hair out trying to figure out how to track the deadline for a story (due date)… but I also need to be able to have the date it’s supposed to be posted on our website. And the ability to toggle back and forth showing those dates on the calendar view.


Yes…I suspect almost everyone has one or more special date types (Deadline, Checkin, Pre-Release etc.) they’d like to be able to handle as a special date type instead of just text. Why this feels hard to Asana is unclear.


I still echo this! Can’t believe this was suggested 5 years ago lol


Well that was a journey reading through over 5 years of comments for what I would think to be a very basic add. Is this feature still not a thing?

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No. :cry:

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It is never simple. Adding a field means adding it do desktop, mobile on iOS and Android, updating all the reports feature, dashboards, forms capabilities, updating the documentation, training CSM and AEs, updating the API… To be honest, this is quite a big update IF you want to go all the way, and if you don’t go all the way people lose their s**t :sweat_smile:


To be fair… This is task/project Management software. It should have been included from the inception of the product and its not acceptable that its been over 5years of people begging for this basic functionality and just now we have barely received a “we’re working on this”.

Bastien your message reads like you’re defending Asana and that doesn’t track well on this issue.


I think what Bastien is saying is that it’s a lot easier said than done. Yes, this should be a functionality, but it’s not a simple click of a button as Asana has a lot of moving parts to work within.

They’re whole platform has been built off of their main products working in sync and off of each other.

When building an application, certain functionality should be integrated from the get-go. This is one of those items.

Any developer can attest that it’s a lot less work to integrate features the first time around then to have to wait till later when there’s much more to consider when rolling out the function. Makes it more time consuming and a larger lift now that there’s a lot more involved in adding it.

I agree that it should’ve been implemented in the beginning. Following this thread, I don’t think anyone disagrees that it should have/should be implemented, but the way I see it is Asana focuses on their larger products and work their way down to the smaller details.

And yet again, there’s no roadmap and no inside information is provided so this is purely my opinion.

Hy @Rebecca_McGrath ,

No news on this feature request since a long time… It is really waiting by the community according to this topic and some others. Please can you provide us information ?

Thanks a lot


There was an update by the product team 25 days ago.



Hi everyone,

I’m so excited to share that date custom fields are coming! Starting today and for the next 6 weeks, we will be testing them via an A/B test. Providing we don’t identify any issues, we will roll them out to all customers at the start of August.

Note that Date Custom fields will behave just like other Custom fields. At launch, they will be supported in CSV import/export and on Mobile (read-only). We will add support for Templates, Project duplication, and Forms very soon and we hope to add them to our advanced Search, Rules, Reporting, and Project Timeline + calendar in the future.

Thank you to everyone who shared their feedback on this thread, we appreciate you and we can’t wait to hear your feedback :heart:


This is great news.
I can understand that the date custom fields will be limited at first. But I have 2 things I would love to be able to do with them later and I hope it will be possible :

  • to have a rule that fill the custom date with today’s date when I change a section
  • to be able to use the custom date to filter the dashboard
  • to be able to display the custom date in the dashboard (by day/week/month…)

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Hi everyone!

Date custom field is now available to all Premium, Business, and Enterprise customers :tada:

Feel free to reach out via our #forum-en:tips or #forum-en:product-feedback categories if you have any questions or feedback!


Are you ready for more?

Date custom fields are now supported in projects, portfolios, and universal reporting :partying_face:

Please note this update is currently out to 10% of users and will become available to everyone in the next few days!