Remove member and deprovision link in exact same spot - easy to accidentally deprovision - should only be done in Admin Console

When I remove a member from a team, I click the “remove” link and the “deprov” link shows up in the exact same spot immediately after the member is removed.

If I am not careful on my very sensitive touchpad, users can easily be deprov’d, which could be easily avoided by moving the link. This happened once with one of my coworkers and I’ve had to make it so no one else in the company can remove people from teams but me, because one tiny slip loses ALL of our work.

Seems like a small and easy fix to save us all a lot a trouble. Thank you!

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Hi @Heather_Charlton :wave:t4: Thanks for posting this helpful suggestion, and Welcome to the Asana Forum.

I can totally see how this can be problematic, I will make a note of your suggestion and will happily pass it onto our Development Team to consider for future updates.

Thanks again for voicing for thoughts on this, we really appreciate it.

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Cathya :blush:

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I did it. I accidentally remove. Do you know how to undo it?

This is a post regarding, in my opinion, bad product design within the user access settings for Asana teams as an admin.

I was spending some time cleaning up an Asana team within my organization’s workspace in Asana. I wanted to remove an employee from an Asana team that they were no longer associated with. I was able to do that easily by clicking to the Asana team and removing them. However, after removing them, I was prompted whether to also “deprovision” the member. I wasn’t too sure what this meant, but I thought it also had something to do with removing their access to the specific Asana team.

However, once I clicked on “deprovision,” I unknowingly removed the employee from the organizational Asana workspace, and now the employee has to spend their productive time regaining access to Asana.

I think that this is bad user design in Asana if they have an admin role. First, it is too easy to deprovision a user. Instead of clicking an unassuming link, there should be an additional pop-up to certainly confirm a deprovision. Second, you should not be able to deprovision a user in any screen except for the Asana admin console. I was able to deprovision a user easily via the team member setting, which does not make sense from a product design view. You should only be able to make a drastic action such as deprovisioning an account via the admin console.

I would like Asana to consider to remove the ability to deprovision a user via the team setting account or any other share settings and only be able to do this via the admin console. Doing so would ensure that users, especially admins, know that deprovisioning is a drastic action that requires additional safeguards from happening

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Quite dangerous indeed, cc @Arthur_BEGOU @Julien_RENAUD @Roman_iDO

Hi @Aaron_Dam , welcome to the forum :wave:

I also agree with your suggestion and I recalled seeing the below similar existing topic:

If you agree, I could merge your topic into that in order to consolidate the votes.

Let me know!

Hi @Richard_Sather, I did not see this post, so feel free to merge my post together with your post so that we can consolidate the votes. Thanks!

@Aaron_Dam , done! :wink:
I also amended the original topic title to reflect your request also.