Recently assigned problems

Is it possible to remove the ‘Recently Assigned’ section? What is the point of having a ‘Today’ due section if items due ‘Today’ get mixed with items due some other time in the ‘Recently Assigned’ section? This is really annoying for people who use Asana for personal task management where only one person ever gets assigned anything.

“Recently Assigned” is meant to host anything that was not triaged. Then you decide if you want to focus on it Today, in the Upcoming days or Later. This is a “bucket” section.

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Thanks. I know what it is, and I don’t want it. Is there a way to remove it. It doesn’t help, only clutters.

At the moment no you can’t. There have been a lot of requests around the My Tasks view, and a few things changed recently (section always appearing or not), so maybe they’ll keep improving it.

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As @Bastien_Siebman commented, there are a few existing threads regarding this topic.
I’m listing them below in case you want to add your vote and comment.

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