My Tasks "> Recently assigned" and other changes

I’ve noticed some changes of late:

@Marie or someone, could you explain the nature of these?

Re “> Recently assigned” I don’t appreciate so much wasted space.

  1. Note the apparently-blank task; it’s not a blank task, it’s just a spacer that can’t be removed w/o collapsing the category.
  2. I don’t appreciate having this category shown permanently; I preferred when it only appeared (as “New”) when there was something in it. The encouraged workflow is to keep this section empty by moving to Today/Upcoming/Later. That’s inconsistent with the new UI–a generally empty category now shown and taking up a lot of room. Can you explain what the idea is here?



So basically it is the old New Tasks but that stays there?

Basically, yes, and with the addition of a blank line.

Collapsing it is not a solution because then I won’t know when there’s something new in there. I really don’t understand the purpose of this change. I feel the behavior of making Today and Upcoming always present, as has been done with this change too, is a good idea and will avoid confusion among many, as posts in the Forum have shown. But I’m not aware of any use case in support of making New/Recently Assigned fixed, however. And it’s a big waste of space.

The blank line in Today and Upcoming is an affordance to create a new task within those groupings; that’s fine. But why have a blank line affordance in Recently Assigned? It doesn’t make sense; I’m recently assigning myself something? And I thought the recommended workflow is to keep your tasks in Today/Upcoming/Later; why make it extra easy to now create things in New/Recently Assigned for the first time ever?



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I don’t see this section so I guess they are beta testing =)

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Hi @lpb and @Bastien_Siebman :wave:t3:

You’re correct, “Recently Assigned Tasks” have replaced "New Tasks. @lpb, my hunch is that the spacer is there so these section do not disappear when they are empty. There is a lot of confusion around when/how these categories appear, so I guess the team is trying to make this easier for newer users.

@lpb, I see where you’re coming from with the new “Recently Assigned task” and missing blue dot; i’ve gone ahead and escalated your feedback to the team to consider and I’ll keep you posted as soon as I have further update!

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Funny. I saw this change earlier and now I don’t.

I agree with @lpb.
I would add that Recently Assigned is more accurate then New Tasks.
And the change of the blue dot to a less noticeable icon was also a downgrade.

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Thanks, @Marie, and thanks @Vince_Mustachio; it’s gone again for me too.

@Marie, the crux of my input is that the New/Recently Assigned category is not the same as the others (Today/Upcoming/Later) and really should go away to add clarity for new and existing users. (The other categories going away has been a clear problem in the past and it’s good that you’re solving it for those.)


Agree with @lpb again.

The value of the “new” section is to show up above Today to alert the user there is something new to deal with. When the “new” section is empty, remove it so Today will be on top and let the user focus on Today.

But keeping Upcoming and Later always there under Today should avoid confusing the user as to where they went, while not effecting focus on Today.


Couldn’t agree more with my fellow community members :v:

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I’m a new Asana user. I’m here to also note my dislike of the “Recently assigned” section forced upon me. A feature to remove / disable it will be nice, after I started using the workaround to avoid the rest of the sections by sorting by due date.


Gee, let’s take the most important dashboard page on the site, and cut it’s usability down to 80%… genius!!!

Seriously Asana, give us a way to remove this column already!