Tasks not automatically visible in "My Tasks" in browser

I’m sure I’m just doing this wrong but I’m experiencing a problem with the “My Tasks” dashboard.

This is a screenshot of my advanced search results for: Tasks + Assigned to me + Incomplete - Sorted by due date. As you can see, I have 38 incomplete tasks assigned to me, some of them overdue, due today, or due soon.

Now, here is a screenshot of the view in My Tasks. As you can see, there’s only one task visible (change cat litter, how glamorous!) and nothing else is populated.

For the tasks in the advanced search results, some are assigned to me by members of my team, and some were created by me. The only thing different about the cat litter task is that it is a recurring task that was created just this morning when I changed the cat litter and it automatically generated this new one for 2 days after completion.

Can anyone help me with this? As I said, I’m sure this is user error but I really need the My Tasks view to work!

Thanks so much.

Hi @Alex_Herder, thanks for reaching out! Is there any chance your tasks are under the “Recently assigned” section in My Tasks? I sometimes have this section collapsed and for this reason I don’t see new tasks. Let me know if that’s not the case and I’ll be happy to investigate this further!

Hi Emily! Thanks for the quick reply. I had “Recently Assigned” collapsed but looking now, they are there. Do I need to manually move them to the other sections? If so, that adds a big time burden to the user.

You are right @Alex_Herde, you’d need to move the tasks to your Today, Upcoming or Later sections. We are working on some improvements for my tasks and the option to make this automatic. We hope to share news soon! Keep an eye at the #announcements category for updates!

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Thanks for letting me know. This seems like a pretty important feature, to be able to surface what I need to work on today, and I’m hoping it gets fixed soon. I’m trying to migrate my GTD setup over to Asana and without that dashboard I’m feeling really disoriented.