Can I disable ‘recently assigned’? I’m a solo freelancer so no one is assigning to me but me..

Recently assigned category is just pointless for me as I don’t have anyone else in my team in Asana. It’s a bit annoying having tasks sitting in there when I just want them to move onto ‘today’ or ‘upcoming’. It seems odd that they even stay in recently assigned after I’ve given them a due date.

I changed the title of ‘recently assigned’ to ‘inbox’ and i use it as a holding place for anything that I haven’t sorted into the right section yet. When you create tasks you can choose the section you want them to be in so they won’t go to ‘recently assigned’.


It’s not possible to disable or remove that section. As @Nicole_Douglas says, you can rename it to whatever you’d like (you can also move it; it doesn’t have to be the top section).

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