How do I remove the 'New Tasks' section?

I sort my tasks into other sections as I am a solo employee so whether something is assigned to me or not is kind of irrelevant. When I used this at a previous workplace I never was forced into the ‘New Tasks’ section, it just didn’t exist. Has something changed forcing this section to stay put in the last 6 mos?

I’d like to delete the New Tasks section as it keeps taking my recurring tasks and sorting them there, when I already have them in my desired Daily Workflow section which is frustrating and time consuming. Any insight is appreciated, thanks!

@Charlotte_NW :wave: Welcome to the community!
The ‘recently assigned’ section is the default section in My Tasks, and you cannot delete it, but you can rename en move it.

I also suggest you look under My settings>Hacks for a setting where you can toggle recurring tasks.

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