Remove/hide default sections from My Tasks

How can I remove/hide default sections (Recently assigned, Today, Upcoming, Later) from My Tasks?
I did it in the past, and today (I don’t know why!!!) they appeared again…

Thanks in advance!

Other image is an example.
My tasks have my name (I didn’t put it there??!!)

Those sections are hidden when they are empty. You can’t really remove them. To switch tasks between those sections, you can use the keyboard Shortcut Tab+Y, Tab+U, Tab+L.


Thanks for your quick answer.
But I have 3 sections empty, and they keep unhide.

I think this is a new thing they are beta testing. @lpb has the same, maybe @Marie can merge your threads…

Ok, Thanks for your help.
I’ll be waiting for news.

Yes @Bastien_Siebman is right, we’re currently running some test; I’ll be in touch as soon as I have more information :slight_smile:

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@marie Does that mean you are looking for feedback from those seeing this feature?

@Marie, thanks for your feedback.
Today, everything backed to “normal”.


Not sure yet @Bastien_Siebman, I need to check in with the Team!

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You can effectively hide all of those sections by choosing a different way to sort your list (ex. sort by due date or likes). This should remove them even if they are empty and come back through some beta testing wizardry.

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But if I change the “Sort”, the Tasks view is affected and the “layout” changes a lot. I want to see a compact view and with custom sections (created by me).
Thanks anyway for your help.

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