Remove headers from My Tasks section



Is there a way to remove section headers from the My Task view?

I don’t want to ‘complete’ it since it’s not a task and there’s no way to push it to the Later section either (which wouldn’t solve the problem, but at least remove it from my New Task section.


Hi @Tyler_Mathews. I might be wrong but I think tasks only show up in the My Tasks section if they’ve been allocated a due date. Do your section headers have dates attached? If so, remove them and that should solve the problem.


Which headers are you talking about? Today, Upcoming, Later? You can toggle how to view my tasks by incomplete (default) or due date.


Tasks will appear in your My Tasks as long as you’re the assignee. Due dates (or lack thereof) don’t matter.


Is it a section header that is part of a project? Why is it assigned to you? Sections, imo, should not be assigned to anyone in any project as they are simply dividers. If they’re trying to signify that you own that particular part of a project, I would put it in the section description, OR use a milestone task in that section and assign it to you.


Ooh, yes. I hadn’t realised that. Thanks.


I have the sections showing, even though they are not assigned to anyone. So is that the only criteria?


Slide nuance, I only see them in the Later section.


Ah yeah, that’s something to do with the Later function/organization in My Tasks. I do not know why the sorting is different in the Later section, but it is - it’s always grouped by project, so if a task is under a project section in that project, the section is there too (if there’s multiple tasks in diff. sections).

Upcoming/Today/New are not like that, only the later section.


Will this milestone task appear in the my task list sorted by due date? how is milestone task is different from regular? and how to enable it?


Sorry for the confusion, milestone tasks aren’t any different than regular tasks, it’s just a nomenclature thing based on what the task represents.

In this case, it’s a normal task, but it represents that section’s completion criteria. Say, if that section was for a website to be developed, perhaps the milestone task would be ‘X website successfully deployed to production’. And the person (usually project manager but maybe others) would be assigned the milestone as it’s their responsibility to oversee that particular part of the project.


I find this really odd because if I am trying to drag a task from new/ today/ upcoming into the later section how do I know where to drop it? Like I have so many freaking sections there. Man that is super annoying :frowning: