Quick Tip: Multi-line subtask titles are possible!

Did you know that your longer subtask titles don’t have to just be one continuous, automatically wrapped block of text?

There’s a way format subtask titles into multiple lines lines this:

(The above screenshot is showing the task detail pane scrolled down to the Subtasks area.)

This is accomplished using a “newline character.” There are different, complicated key sequences to use on different types of computers, so I find that the easiest way for me to insert the newline was to one-time create a shortcut trigger (/nl) in my text expander (I use https://blaze.today/ but any tool should work).

What’s the magic sequence to use? Go to this page and copy the text in the box (it’s invisible but something’s there), then paste it in your text expander expansion field followed by a regular Enter key for a new line.

Note that multi-line display shown above only works in the task detail pane, and only for subtasks. You can’t use this trick for top-level tasks, nor will subtasks that use it appear with multiple lines if you expand the task in the main tasks list:

That’s it!




Yes this is great!

I usually create such by just adding the text in the task description or a note and then copying it into the subtask. Or by using a multi-line placeholder copied from a note/doc and then filling it up.


Huh, who knew??? (Not me…) Thanks, @lpb!


Very cool! I will have to give this a try.

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