Creating subtask hierarchy

Can you clarify shortly how to devide subtasks into subtasks without diving into primary subtask?

– subtask –
– subtask –
– subtask –

I don’t understand your question, @ES11, can you explain more specifically, maybe with screenshot examples if it helps?



To be more precise, the question is about another thing, how to make subtasks also reflected in the task board (for example, in the List) and could be started there without failing in the task (I indicated above how I would like to see it. This is implemented in and others like that, but in Asana you have to take extra steps to get a sub-task - a UX problem.

Regarding your article, could you have a simpler scenario of making such an order in tasks on how this should done (steps)?

You can’t do this in the main task pane, you must use the right-side task detail pane to create the first level of subtask, descend into it and repeat, etc.

You can navigate among already-recreated subtasks of a top-level task from the task detail pane, though.



I know that I cannot, that was the point of the request.
Can you show screenshots of possible options?

I suggest this resource:

Dear Larry,
I do not see a solution on this link. It is just an article without specific answer.

Convert tasks in subtasks issue

Specified in the topic

Updates ???

@ES11 it is important to understand that Larry, like other people here, including me, are not working for Asana but helping for free.

If you have a product request, you can post in the “Product feedback” category.

Nobody owes you an answer, so “updates ???” might be a bit too agressive for the situation here.

Also note that Asana will not answer your product request in most cases because they don’t share the roadmap.


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