Project progress % by hours (effort)

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In the portfolio view, the progress % is based off of task completion. We are finding this to be pretty inaccurate considering 1 task might take 30 minutes and another might take 20 hours. We can’t base the project progress % upon effort (hours), so was wondering if anybody else has come across this with your organization and has found a good solution/Best Practice that doesn’t require too much manual input. We have tossed around maybe implementing a milestone program to document the progress % complete - but that’s a pretty manual process. If only we could have the option to do “this project will take 200 hours in total and the progress % would accurately update every time a task w/hours filled in was marked as completed” . :smile:

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I was wondering if this has been addressed since we’re in the same situation…

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Hello @Beth27 & @MarcosP

This is a very valid request and one that we have been asking for for a while.
Currently, there is a workaround, while it is a bit manual, will def do the intended outcome and will be a better reflection for what you are after.

I have a custom field on my projects called Hours, it is a numeric field. Assignees are asked to fill it in when working on a task. In the end, you can report on the total number off hours from that custom field.

and here is a product feedback you may wish to upvote: Please build time tracking into Asana

There are some integrations you can get with asana to help track the time of work on tasks.
Check them out here like this one for example:

Hope this helps.