Reporting the status time for a project

We are attempting to report on our creative departments work and need a way to provide our portion of time on the project.

We are setting up a status field that we use to provide info. The project can be “with design” “with copy” “with PM” and “with client” .

My question is whether there is a way to measure how long a project is in each of these states. Meaning, is it possible to run a report in asana, that would tell you: This project lasted 30 days. Spent X time in design, X time with PM, X time with client?

We’d like to be able to measure our creative work in a way that does not tie us to other parts of the project (management / review). This type of reporting would allow us to see where the bottlenecks for specific projects actually lie and allow us to look into adjustments in the problem areas rather than just saying this project was completed in 30 days.

Also, if this is not possible, is there another best practice within asana we should be looking at to measure this type of data?

Hi @tim.aron and welcome to the Forum!

Just to confirm, are you referring to a custom field on each task? If not, can you elaborate on how you materialise this status?

Yes, it’s a custom field dropdown that we use to track where a project is - whether it is with the creative team, with the project manager or in review.

To clarify, currently we measure this at the task level. I realize using the term project is confusing. We’d plan to measure at the task level but would also get aves for all tasks in a project. I’m not sure we’d need to run both reports from Asana, but some way of capturing how tasks spend their time would be great.

Got it! Asana doesn’t allow to you report on the time a task spent with a certain custom field value, but this is definitely something you should be able to achieve with a third party integration. @Phil_Seeman, @Bastien_Siebman, @lpb, does any of your tool allow to achieve this?

According to @Sami_Linnanvuo, Screenful can report on this info: