New! Custom field rollups in portfolios for increased visibility into key metrics

Hi Asana Community! :wave:t3:

Today, I’m excited to announce the launch of custom field rollups in portfolios to help you get increased visibility into the status of key metrics like budget, costs, and time across projects at a glance.

:rocket: What’s new?

With this update, we’re adding an inline total of numeric custom fields within the portfolio list view, making it easy for leaders to get a high-level overview of key metrics - without breaking context.

By getting a quantified view of the progress of strategic initiatives, capacity, and budgets, including actuals vs. planned, you’ll be able to get data-driven insights to quickly inform business critical decisions, directly from the portfolios tab.

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Business and Enterprise customers can leverage custom field rollups to streamline reporting, and get insights to quickly spot roadblocks, enabling you to take actions faster to mitigate risks and drive business outcomes.

We hope you enjoy this update, and let us know in the comments if you have any questions or feedback you’d like to share with us!

Please note this update is rolling out gradually, so don’t worry if you don’t see it just yet into your account, it will become available to all Business and Enterprise customers soon!


What a nice way to connect tasks and projects up to the top :mountain_snow:

So many great new features lately, Asana is “on a roll” :steam_locomotive: :star_struck:


Thank you for the notice.

It’s useful additional functionality for certain metrics like cost and time.

Some numeric entries may not utilize a summation (for example, a SKU number). Please consider making the summation feature an option instead of the default behavior.


@Gerald_Garcia, The rollup feature is already optional because you decide which columns to add as rollups (or as regular numeric custom fields).



Just playing around with it, and just like workload, this feature could benefit from support for nested portfolios. If a data value is rolled up into each portfolio, then the parent portfolio for those should have a roll up value as well.

Just voicing a gap, while loving the feature!


Totally agree with @Will.S

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I was excited about the feature, but it does not properly work in my case. I’ll give it a few days and see if it resolves itself, otherwise I’ll raise a bug.

Thank you soo much for the notice!

This is amazing :star_struck:

I am so excited about this! Oh, the possibilities.

I’m wanting to add projected savings for each of our projects and then have that be available for the rollup field in the portfolio. I’m stuck with how to add a field in the project for the projected savings. Is there a way to do that?

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I think @Gerald_Garcia means on Project pages, where the Sums default display at the bottoms of sections for all # fields

@Diana_Echols The rollup fields take data from the tasks within your project. If you just need to enter custom data about your project, probably still best to add a custom field to the portfolio, unless someone has a better idea/more information?

@Rocky_5, Gerald “liked” my reply so maybe I wasn’t off base?

But re numeric summations of project list view columns, those can be turned off via the column header menu.



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Hi everyone!

@Zaraida_Diaz do you plan to add these rollup fields to the csv export? (I can see the sum of actual time by project at the portifolio, but I needed this data to be exported). Altough I know it is possible to export a csv with all the tasks, it is hard to compute the sum of actual time using them, doing to the fact that we have actual time inside subtasks that aren’t added directly to the same project as their parent task.

Thanks for your help!

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I’m hoping to report on the new ‘rollup’ fields in the Dashboard tab within my portfolio. It doesn’t seem to allow me doing it. Would any one have any insights or tips?

Much appreciated!

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