Use Rollups in Portfolio Custom Field Formulas

Hello! Is there any way to use a portfolio rollup in a formula? I’ve been struggling with a way to track a project’s overall budget inside of Asana and this would be a game-changer, so I’m hoping I’m missing something!

Here’s one example of what I’m looking to do at the portfolio level:

  • Project Budget (# Number)
  • Actual Spend (Rollup)
  • Remaining (Formula: Project Budget - Actual Spend)

Thanks in advance!

HI @Kalen_Buchanio apologies for the late reply. This is now possible!

Im looking for this ability but can’t find it anywhere. Could you explain where to find it or enable it?

Hi Sam,
If its a Number Custom Field that has been added to the library, you would be able to add a Rollup in the portfolio view

This feature has actually been available for quite some time now.

@Marie, could you move it to the :rocket: Features Launched ?